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Check Your Vehicle Photos and Videos Online!

J's Auto Service is pleased to offer visual explanations in our service department. During your visit, we may post photos and videos of your vehicle to explain our recommendations.

Photos and videos are taken by our certified technicians in real time during the inspection process. We also offer expert illustrations next to each image to provide context on the part or system being shown.

Please click on your Repair Order. Find older Repair Orders using the search tool below.

RO #44956
U/V Dye Inspection
RO #062118
Used Car Inspection Form
RO #44955
Under Vehicle Service Passenger Car
RO #44937
Rear Suspension Passenger Car
RO #44935
Rear Disc Brake System Pass / Lt
RO #44942
Front Suspension Passenger Car
RO #44895
Windshield / Glass / Mirrors/ Wipers/ Washers
RO #44895
Emergency Brake Passenger Car
RO #44849
RO #44894
Exhaust System
RO #44894
Under Hood Inspection
RO #44921
Rear Disc Brake System Pass / Lt
RO #44920
RO #44888
Front Disc Brake System Pass & LT
RO #44892
Rear Disc Brake System Pass / Lt